Friday, 16 June 2017

What if Scrooge McDuck was in Smash Bros.

13 Things I Want To See In Kingdom Hearts 3

Usually when I make lists like this, I'n late to the bandwagon. Considering that people aren't expecting Kingdom Hearts 3 to even launch in 2017, I'd say I'm ahead of the hype train. Heh.

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo review (2006)

When Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo was first announced, many fans speculated that the film would be the closer to the Teen Titans animated series, much like Return of The Joker was the closer to the Batman Beyond series if you don;t count that one Justice League Unlimited episode with the thirty year old Terry. People speculated that Trouble in Tokyo would wrap up some loose ends, such as the final episode with the returning Terra, Slade's dusty mask and who exactly the second Red X was.

Cloverfield original review (2008)

When Transformers premiered in theatres in July of 2007, movie-goers got a surprise with the debut of a new movie trailer. It started off with footage of a surprise party for a man named Rob, who has just taken a job in Japan. But as time passes, the lights go out and the earth trembles, as a nightmarish howl pierces through the night. The confused and frightened party-goers do what comes naturally in this situation; head to the rooftop of the building to see just what’s going on. The man behind the camera comments to Rob that he probably should have left earlier, just as a huge explosion emanates from the harbour, sending flaming debris falling onto the buildings. Rob and company then run to the streets below just in time to run for cover as a large metal object crashes into a building, then drops to the streets below as the panicked people run for their lives. The large metal object is the head of the Statue of Liberty.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Blog # 3

I don't know what I'll be posting on this blog just yet. Selfies? Haha, no, no money in that, lol.